Thanksgiving themed Independence Day parties

Be Grateful, Give Thanks, Eat Pie

Happy fall, y’all! In my family, any and every gathering includes an unofficial pie bake-off between all of my sisters. Thanksgiving is the pinnacle of this ongoing sibling rivalry and the trash-talk has already started among us “Frizzell Girls.” It is safe to say each of us considers ourself to be the unofficial but indisputable pie baking champion of the family.

Thanksgiving related preparations and trash talk usually do not begin until my baby sister’s birthday, the first day of October. It continues until every scrap of the leftover pie is eaten as breakfast several days after the big meal. This year, my sisters were an entire month ahead of schedule. I blame it on that sudden cold snap in August as that is when all the texting began. I cannot even begin to count the number of fall related messages I have received from my sisters over the last few weeks proclaiming how close we are to my favorite time of year:

The persimmon has a spoon this year!
I’ve been reading the farmer’s almanac and…
The leaves are changing!
It’s time to start planning our annual corn maze trip!

Above all, of course, there are multiple milelong text threads related to sweaters, scarfs and riding boots. We Frizzell Girls are a wee-bit excited about the new season to say the least. Thanksgiving is loved so much we have even thrown Thanksgiving themed Independence Day parties in July. Yes, a true story. We celebrated Independence Day with a twenty pound turkey and several pies on the table.

Each sister always bakes her specialty pie: apple pie, sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, cherry pie and pecan pie. This list is sorted eldest to youngest, just like my mama did when she called us for a headcount when we were young. Honestly, it was the only way to keep track of us. I hope you are enjoying these first few beautiful fall days; I’m celebrating now with my first pumpkin pie of the season!

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