Veterans’ Day

My happy little family with Pawpaw

Pawpaw turned 92 years young over the summer. I’ve included a few pictures from his patriotic birthday celebration over the summer; what a blast! In all seriousness, how cute is he??! The  American Flag Layer Cake I made for his birthday is definitely one of my more ambitious Pinterest projects and a near fail. Pawpaw is a proud WWII veteran, retired postmaster/banker/shop owner and former cowboy extraordinaire. These are just a sampling of many other titles he has held over his life. He still lives on his own out at The Ranch (nestled nicely between the Ouachitas and the Ozarks) where Lance’s childhood memories were made.

Pawpaw and Bella

There are many taste-testers in my family. Chief among the testers is my 92 year old Grandfather in-law. Coincidentally, Pawpaw was my very first customer when I decided to open a pie business. He has been my biggest advocate, best customer and toughest critic. Pawpaw will not hesitate to tell you when you have room to improve.

Pawpaw and the Grandkids

When I send a recipe to him to taste, he always calls me to say thank you and provide me with his thoughts. Today, he called submitting his next order, a Karo-Nut pie. Did I try to talk him into my Honey Pecan pie? No. Let’s be honest, when you’re 92, you pretty much deserve to get whatever you want whenever you want it! My reply was, “Yes, sir, thank you; when would you like your Karo-Nut pie delivered?” This is the best compliment I could receive from any Woodson, a repeat order with zero constructive criticism – albeit an order completely off my current menu. I love every bit of it! From speaking with my pie fans, I’d say his taste-testing advice is spot-on.

Happy 92nd Birthday Pawpaw!

Pawpaw will be receiving his pie this week to celebrate Veterans’ Day as a small thank-you for his heroism, bravery and many sacrifices for our country. Karo syrup is on the grocery list and I am hunting for Lance’s grandmother’s recipe tonight so I can surprise Pawpaw with his pie. There is no quicker way to a Woodson’s heart than replicating one of her cherished family recipes.

I hope you will all join me in celebrating our United States Veterans each day. This Wednesday, in particular, celebrate by winning a great All-American Honey Pie for your favorite veteran. Honey Pies will be honoring our servicemen and servicewomen by giving away free pies to several of our favorite veterans.

Please share a story to our Facebook post or add a photo of your favorite veteran to Instagram by using the hashtag #SweetAsHoneyPies and tag @MyHoneyPies in your post. Feel free to also tag your veteran when you share their story. I know if your favorite veterans are anything like mine, they may wish to remain anonymous or prefer you not share their story. If this is the case, please just post “My Veteran is #SweetAsHoneyPies @MyHoneyPies” and I’ll make sure you are entered to win a pie for your veteran.

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