January Newsletter

Let’s Celebrate National Pie Day

National Pie Day is Saturday, January 23rd and I’m celebrating with free delivery that day! Order online using the coupon code PIEDAY during checkout and I’ll dispatch the Honey Pies delivery van that afternoon with your still warm pie for free! As always, I also accept orders by phone, text, email and Facebook.

January’s seasonal flavor is a delicious Pear Pie baked just for you between two layers of my flaky all butter handmade crust. I lightly sweeten the pears with organic sugar and add just a hint of spice. Last month’s seasonal Gingerbread Apple Pie was a big hit and if you haven’t tasted it yet, time is running out as it will soon be retired.

Here’s what The Mighty Rib had to say about my Gingerbread Apple pie:

You really should be following local pie-maker Honey Pies when you get a free sec. I tried out one of Sharon’s pies at a holiday party and was blown away by her Gingerbread Apple. And this is coming from someone who tends to frown upon eating apple pies. I know…that’s a topic for another day. Anyways, go follow Honey Pies and please consider ordering a pie from Sharon.

Although we have been fortunate to enjoy a few unseasonably warm days this month, I will continue to have limited events on the schedule until spring. For now, I am always accepting orders and would love to accommodate your dietary needs and cater your special events.

I genuinely appreciate the support and kindness you all have shown me and I can already tell it’s shaping up to be a great year. If I may help you in any way, please let me know.

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