Thanksgiving 2018

Hi Y’all!

Pie’s favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, is in less than three weeks; how did that happen!? We are beyond grateful for our wonderful community and excited to celebrate our third Thanksgiving with each one of you! We have a great team who is eager to put the very best pies Little Rock offers on your family’s holiday table. There is nothing that brings us more joy or love for our work than when you allow us into your home. Thank you for all of the blessings you have provided our team; we are able to do what we love because of your support & encouragement.

Our goal each day is to please our neighbors and provide what our community is eager to see in West Little Rock. One of our most exciting changes is the expansion of our Thanksgiving menu! This year we are offering our ten favorite holiday pies. Each of these pies is baked with love right here in Little Rock by one of our rock star pastry chefs. We’ve created this detailed list for you to read about your favorites and help you select your Thanksgiving pies. Please know you’re appreciated. We look forward to visiting with you soon.

Founder & Chief Pie Sampler, Sharon Woodson

(Photo by Saira Khan)

THANKSGIVING 2018: A Love Letter

Dear Friends,

We have all come here for the same thing; to chat among friends about Thanksgiving 2018.

Orchestrating Thanksgiving week at a bakery is very similar to driving in Little Rock Traffic at 5pm… It is tough and stressful and sometimes you find yourself pulled over on the side of I 630 crying into your denim shirt while the road construction crew watches with horrified looks on their faces…But, enough about last Tuesday.

We thought the best way to ensure that everything flows smoothly the week of Thanksgiving is to give you wayyyyy too much information and hope one of the A’s below answers one of your Q’s. That way, we don’t end up emotionally scarring all of Little Rock’s roadwork crews.

So, how is this whole Thanksgiving thing going to work? As a bakery specializing in pie, our biggest week of the year is Thanksgiving week, of course.  Being a small team means we have to limit what we can offer in order to provide as many pies to as many people as possible.

Remember standing in line waaaaay back during our first Thanksgiving in 2016? Let’s not do that again! We have learned a ton & have implemented major changes since then. Trust us, our goal is to make you perfect pies; we are dedicated to working quickly and efficiently so you will be able to get your pies fast and head out to spend time with your friends and family.

We love and appreciate that you choose to serve your friends and family Honey Pies. Thank you so much for loving our little bakery as much as we do. It’s an honor to be a small part of your traditions.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sharon, Chef Anne, & your Honey Pies Team 

Honey Pies 2017 Thanksgiving Menu is available for online ordering or we would love to visit with you over the phone (501)613-7950.

November Events: Pie & Wine Sample Pairing at Honey Pies November 2nd and at Colonial Wine & Spirits November 7th

November Drink Specials
• Our Uber talented Barista team works hard each month to come up with fabulous drink specials. Brandon & Steven have created two for our fall menu that you don’t want to miss: Toasted Marshmallow Latte & Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie

Local Pecan
• This friendship pie is a labor of love with our friends, Me & McGee Market. When the pecans begin to drop each fall, this sweet family gathers them up knowing they’re going to a good home at Honey Pies. Raise your hands if you spent time as a kiddo gathering pecans to be shelled! These sweet friends also offer our pies Take and Bake from their farm stand in North Little Rock.

Coconut Meringue Pies

Coconut Meringue Pies

Coconut Meringue

• Always cool and classic, Coconut Meringue is a year-round staple at Honey Pies. You won’t find any coconut extract or artificial flavors in this pie. All the flavor comes from coconut milk, and shredded coconut tempered perfectly with egg yolks to make our perfectly balanced house made pastry cream filling.

Granny’s Apple Pie
• Granny Smith apples are the star of this show. If you love Granny’s Apple, you love our team member, Karen! She is a wonderful addition to the team and is a trooper when it comes to peeling cases and cases of fresh apples for you year-round.

Tart Cherry Pie
• Honey Pies owner, Sharon, grew up picking sour cherries from trees in the yard and loves that the pie we have created mimics her childhood memories. Honey Pies’ cherries aren’t quite that sour, but they’re more complex in flavor than your typical cherry pie filling.

Sweet Peach Pie
• We kid around at the bakery about our Sweet Peach that it should be called Engagement Ring Pie; it has actually “sealed the deal” for one of our teammates relationships. Executive Pastry Chef, Anne, decided Little Rock loves this pie so much, she has kept it on the menu long after this seasonal favorite was set to be rotated.

Bubba’s Sweet Potato Meringue

Sweet Potato Meringue
• This award winning Sweet Potato Meringue took home 1st place in last year’s Say it Ain’t Say’s Sweet Potato Pie contest. This 4th generation family recipe is very dear to our hearts; the handwritten original copy is even framed and displayed with loving care. Sweet Peach pie may have earned an official marriage proposal, but Bubba’s sweet potato pie earns our bakers multiple proposals a week!

Classic Pumpkin
• Fall’s favorite classic is brought to you by Honey Pies’ own secret pumpkin spice mix that we make in-house; we think it adds the perfect balance of spice into our Classic Pumpkin Pie which is topped with freshly whipped cream.

Classic Pumpkin Pie

Signature All-Butter Crust

Signature All-Butter Crust

Signature All Butter Crust
• For the better part of the year, our baking team creates all non-pie menu items like delicious cookies, muffins, & banana pudding. During Pie Season, everything changes; David, Will, and I switch into our full-time Crust Team. This team turns basic ingredients of flour butter sugar and salt and works them into the perfect flaky crust that you all love so much. We’re working extra hard to stock our Take & Bake freezer with extras; grab your pie dough today before it sells out; it’ll keep in the freezer until Thanksgiving and even through to Christmas.

Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake
• Executive Pastry Chef, Anne’s, pride and joy of our fall season is her (now locally famous) Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake; we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you this fall.

Fudge Brownie
• One of the things we love most about baking in the kitchen for you, it that it feels like our home. You know how grandma always had a “pancake bowl” or “cornbread pan” and everyone in the family knows exactly what you’re talking about. Pastry Chef Extraordinaire, Angie, puts extra love into this filling by using her special “fudge brownie pot”; its sole purpose in life is to melt that delicious semi-sweet chocolate and butter for the base of your Honey Pies favorite.

Possum Meringue
• Ever heard the term “playin’ opossum”? The simple looking pie is, in fact, playin’ opossum, because it has layers of flavor hidden under the silky meringue topping. Growing up, my family always called it Four Layer Delight. Possum Pie begins with our signature flaky all butter pie crust, then we layer cream cheese icing mixed with crushed pecans, creamy chocolate filling, and top it off with our silky toasted meringue).

Photo Cred: Wine Expert, Maggie Walters

Chicken Pot Pie

• Take & Bake Chicken Pot pie serves four large portions or 6 smaller portions. Perfect to keep in your freezer for those nights when you’re just not going to find time to make supper. All White meat chicken breast, carrots, green beans, corn, peas, thyme, & garlic in a cream gravy.

The following tidbits of information pertain to the week of Thanksgiving 2018

  1. When & How Do I Order My Thanksgiving Pies?

We are currently accepting orders for Thanksgiving. (best method), in store or via phone with pre-payment (501)613-7650. All orders must be pre-paid in order to maintain a smooth pickup line.

No changes to orders may be made after Sunday November 18th at 7:00p including cancellations. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds if your pie is not picked up.

  1. How Long Do I Have Left to Order Pies for Thanksgiving?

The last day you can pre-order a pie is Sunday, November 18th by 7pm, but some flavors will sell out prior to that date; we recommend ordering early for the best selection.

  1. Should I Order a Pie Ahead of Time or Just Walk-In and Pick One Up?

We strongly encourage you to pre-order your pie. The extra pies we bake will be on a first-come, first-serve basis and we will only have a limited selection daily. Feel free to call & check availability (501)613-7950, but please understand our phone lines will be extremely busy. Emails will be checked and returned once daily each morning. We are not able to accept email orders at this time.

  1. When do I Pick Up My Pies?
    Please make sure you pick-up your pies during the correct time, on the correct day.

Wednesday, November 21st:  pickups between 11:30a-7:00p

Thursday, November 22nd (Thanksgiving Day): CLOSED

  1. Let’s Talk Hours, Shall We?

Honey Pies is open daily 7:00a-7:00p, but we will be closed Thanksgiving Day
Thursday, November 22nd: (CLOSED)

  1. Let’s Talk about Pot Pies, Quiche, Pie Crust, & Freezing your Pie K?

We will cease all Take & Bake production in the next few weeks and will not resume making them until AFTER the holiday. What does this mean? Once we are “sold out” of inventory for any Take & Bake item (whether it comes on Nov. 1st or Nov. 21st) we will not be making more until the week AFTER Thanksgiving. Our recommendation: STOCK UP EARLY!! We do not have the freezer space to keep these items until Thanksgiving for you; please visit the store and take home the same day. We need the storage, oven time, and labor focused on your Thanksgiving orders.

Note: Frozen Pot Pies & Pie Crust are good for 3+ Months in your freezer at home.

There are some pies that freeze and thaw really well! If you are interested in avoiding the crowds (fruit pies to bake at home…fudge brownie & pecan pies to thaw and serve) ask us!

  1. Let’s Talk about Mini Pies & Slices, Yes?
    There will be NO walk-in Mini Pies this week (WHAT!?!). What does this mean? We will sell WHOLE PIES & SLICES ONLY starting on MONDAY, November 19th.  We need the storage, oven time, and labor focused on your Thanksgiving orders.
  1. Delivery Options & Customizations

None at this time. We would love to be able to say “yes” to every specific request we receive, but we’re just not able to perfectly execute these requests along with our busy baking schedules. Organizing 1000+ pies with a team of three bakers is a logistical masterpiece & we need to be focused on your Thanksgiving orders to perfectly execute each one.

 How do I store my pie after I pick it up? Does my pie travel well?

Your pies are always made fresh without preservatives. Once you get your pie home, here is a list of our recommended storing suggestions:

  • Fruit Pies
    • 1 day stored at room temperature
    • 2 days stored in the refrigerator
    • If you’re not planning to serve your pie for several days, we recommend freezing your whole pie wrapped tightly in plastic wrap for up to a week
      • Thaw overnight
      • Freshen in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees
    • Cream & Meringue Pies
      • 1-2 days stored in the refrigerator
      • We do not recommend freezing cream pies
      • Your meringue will gradually become grainy in texture beyond day two, but it is safe to consume
      • Requires refrigeration. Food safety guidelines indicate two hours as the maximum time out of your refrigerator.
    • Chocolate Fudge Brownie & Pecan Pies
      • 3+ days stored at room temperature
      • These pies are the best for traveling
    • Cheesecakes & Pumpkin Pies
      • 3 days stored in the refrigerator.
      • Your whipped cream will deflate, but it is safe to consume
      • Requires refrigeration. Food safety guidelines indicate two hours as the maximum time out of your refrigerator.

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