Chef Anne Cooks the book: Bradley County Pink Tomato Pie

Recipe sourced from Local food legend and author, Kat Robinson’s, Another Slice of Arkansas Pie

Executive Pastry Chef, Anne Wood

February is National Pie Month and we’re gonna ‘cook the book’ this month with author of Another Slice of Arkansas Pie and the newly released Arkansas Food, Kat Robinson

Kat has been our biggest cheerleader and sweetest friend here at Honey Pies. She travels our beautiful state far and wide visiting local mom & pop shops and collecting stories along the way. She has spent years researching and developing relationships with hundreds of Arkansans in the restaurant and hospitality industry. She is the author of six books showcasing Arkansas and shares snippets of her books through Facebook and I was lucky enough to nab this recipe to recreate for you today.

First off, let’s talk: Tomato Pie? What? Yes!!! It is sooo good! One of my favorite things in the world is fresh “from the garden” tomatoes and what better way to get good use out of them than to bake them into a pie?

Step One: make your pie dough
If you’re not up for the challenge of making pie dough, pop by the bakery and pick one up.
Blind bake secret weapon: coffee filters

Coffee filters are our pastry chef ‘secret weapon’ for blind baking! Use rice or beans to fill your raw pie crust and bake at 375* for 15 minutes for a par-baked crust. Remove the coffee filters and rice/beans. Save those and once they cool down toss them in a plastic baggie to use next time. Just ensure you label them “pie use”, so you don’t accidentally try to cook them for supper. For a fully baked pie shell, pop your crust back into the oven at 350* for another 15-20 minutes or until golden.

Obviously NOT Bradley County pink tomatoes, but is January…don’t judge

When I first tried the Bradley County Pink Tomato Pie, I knew I was in love. The sweet and salty of the tomatoes and cheese baked to perfection in an all butter crust…I mean, what’s not to love?

This past summer, Kat so sweetly brought us a basket of Bradley County tomatoes from the festival and of course I made and ate more pie than I should probably admit!  Months later and as you can image, in January there are not too many fresh “from the garden” tomatoes lying around but I just had to make this pie recipe for my family…oh, who am I kidding, for me, so I just used an assortment of heirloom tomatoes from our local grocery store and the result was delicious!

Learn more about The Bradley County Pink Tomato Festival

Find the recipe HERE

Nothing makes my heart happier than sharing my love of baking with our neighbors from all over Arkansas. This pie is SUPER SIMPLE to prep and bake for a quick breakfast, lunch, or brunch. Have questions, shoot me an email! -Executive Pastry Chef, Anne Wood.

Executive Pastry Chef, Anne Wood

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