Chef Anne Cooks The Book: Zack Diemer’s Cherry Cream Cheese Pie

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and nothing says “I Love You” like cherries and cream cheese! With that in mind, this weeks’ Cook The Book post has me recreating this Cherry Cream Cheese Pie from Kat Robinson’s Another Slice of Arkansas Pie.

When I visited with Kat about my choice for this weeks’ post, She shared how this pie holds a special place in her heart. Kat has fond memories of her brother, Zack, making this pie several times over the years and he is still assigned this dessert each holiday. As kids, Kat and Zach industriously opted for a 13″ diameter Tupperseal container rather than a pie tin; she says her mother’s classic container outdates the both of them. They knew that the lid would seal in the deliciousness and hold enough pie for them to share and store while it kept fresh. As a result of their storage solution, Kat fondly remembers how they would scoop their servings rather than slice portions; the recipe makes four, 8″ pies.

One of the things I love most about Kat’s Another Slice of Arkansas Pie is how authentically these recipes reflect the contributors. I died laughing when I read: “beat the tar out of the cream cheese until it’s sorta fluffy.” Seriously?! This excerpt had me in stitches giggling. I love visiting with Kat and hearing her tales of our great state. Before I met her, I was an avid follower and had enjoyed her first books. In person, Kat is just as authentic and engaging as she is within this books pages.

2 (21oz) cans cherry pie filling on top

This no-bake recipe is perfectly versatile for you to whip together for any last minute needs: serve in two 9×13 Pyrex pans for a pot luck, portion it individually in mason jars for as ‘thank you’ gifts at your next party, or it’s the ideal Valentine’s gift to your sweetheart in a heart shaped pan if you divide the recipe.

If you wanted to change things up a bit, this Cherry Cream Cheese Pie’s tart cream cheese filling may be paired with almost any fruit topping. Don’t limit yourself to only cherries. My little sweethearts love blueberries, so next time they’ll be in the kitchen with me whipping up that version. For the complete recipe, find your copy of Another Slice of Arkansas Pie

Check out some of my other Valentine creations below. Enjoy this recipe and remember, life is what you bake it (or in this case, what you don’t bake it)!

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