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March 2017 Reviews

Great customer service and quality products.

The barista was super helpful, attentive and friendly. The flat white he made was perfect! There were 3 folks in the shop at the time, and he was able to chat everyone up and make drinks. It was my first time in Honey Pies and it was delightful.

February 2017 Reviews

My husband brought me home a sample pack for Valentine’s Day, our favorite was the Creme Brûlée.. ❤ It was delicious.

I had the coconut cream tonight. It was great.

We will definitely be back.

Great experience.

Oh my word. We skipped dessert at Yaya’s today to go continue to eat our way through your menu. Today….cheesecake!! Fabulous. I picture that ganache on top of your chocolate cake…if that’s one in the same…I have my birthday yummy picked out. Love having you in our neighborhood.

We have been so pleased with everything we’ve had. Hubs was nursing an upset tummy, but peppermint ice cream made him better!!! We’ve bought whole pies in PB Cream, chocolate fudge, quiche, mini apple, key lime, more quiche, and now cheesecake. Thank you for your dedication to the art of great pie and to west LR.

I love Honey Pies!! 🙌

I tried yesterday for the first time it was amazing! Going back today!

Just had awesome pie there this afternoon


Mmmm peanut butter pie!

Love your mini pies.

Had my first slice of Honey Pie recently at a friend’s–wow!

Yummy❤Honey Pies😀

The choclate brownie pie is soooo good!

Love your ads and your surprises!


These are sooooo delicious

Yummy to my tummy.

My granddaughters favorite peanut butter pie!!!

Wonderful pies and great service

Your pies are amazing!! ❤❤

Your pies are wonderful

Yummy pies!

Love me some Honey Pies!

Y’all have the BEST peanut butter pie!

Wonderful pies!

Love your pies!!!

We ❤ Honey Pies!


Your fudgie. Is soooo yummmmmy

Yum yum.

I ❤ honey pies!!! One of my favorite places!!!

Pies and Cookies the best sweets in the world.yum yum yum

So yummy!

Tried key lime for the first time the other day and it was the absolute best I have ever had!

Love me some Honey Pies!!

Sooo yummy

Love your pies!!!

Tasted my first Honey Pie last weekend. Boy, was it great!

My favorite dessert

I love your chocolate fudge brownie pie! I can’t wait to try the key lime!


I love Honey Pies everything! Yum! So nice !


Your pies are soooo good!


Peach pie was the first pie I ever tried from your place and it was fantastic!!! I’ve been back several times for more items and have never been disappointed!! Keep up the good and tasty work!!

All of your pies are delicious.

Yum yum!!!!!

Wow! Unbelievably.

My family loves Honey Pies


Honey pies is my fave!!

Love your pies, especially coconut!

Yummy ❤

Mini apple and brownie pie are delicious! Thanks for local made sweet treats!

The chocolate fudge brownie my favorite pie ever! Love everything I’ve tried and the staff is fabulous!

Tried the brownie. OMG. Thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

Wonderful! Great place to take my daughter for a treat.

To die for crust!!! You can’t go wrong. Quiche and pies galore.

I had the gingerbread latte!!! Try it


Girl, I’m working my way through their menu!! LOL. Two kinds of quiche, chocolate fudge pie, coconut pie, peanut butter / chocolate pie, then today key lime and apple pie. We are sick people!!! Their coffees sound and smell amazing!

The Ganache brownie is great!! And my grandmother aunt thought the coconut cream pie was delish!!

The pecan pie is wonderful along with everything else.. love everything there !


Y’all do such great work!


Oh what a temptation. Desserts are my weakness. All that you guys make is excellent. The pie dough I bought at Thanksgiving matched the homemade crusts I have made for over 40 years. The pecan pie was better than the ones I usually make. Will try to get out there again soon. Bravo!


Pie art!! Gorgeous

This looks like heaven!!

Popped in for a quick treat and left with quiche, cookie and coconut pie. Did not eat the pie until last night and omg better than expected, the crust was so divine and our came together nicely! Will be back

Please keep the possum pie forever!

Having yummy pie time

It was a hit!!

Great experience!!!

Today was my first time in the shop and I absolutely loved everything about it! Great job!


Oh my!

January 2017 Reviews
January 16th, 2017 – The Mighty Rib, Quick Hits

Go to Honey Pies for a cup of coffee. I can’t speak to some of their “fancier” java creations, but a regular cup of pour over Leiva’s Coffee is outstanding.

This is a must go to place!!!

Best deliciousness there!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Sharon!!!!! You really sweetened up Little Rock Soup Sunday 2017. Couldn’t have done it without you!

I had a slice of the apple with cheddar crust pie and it was delicious! The apple filling was generous, it was not too sweet, and the cheddar crust gave a great balance to the apples. The crust was my favorite part! A shout out to the generous owner! Thank you so much for your wonderful costumer service and genuine care for your patrons!

Best cake I’ve had in a long time… if you need a cake or a pie this is the place to go!

Everyone needs a Honey Pies cake in their life.

Best cake ever!!

This is the most amazing cake… too die for!

Absolutely delicious!

Was delicious!!!

Nice and courteous young man helped me. I tasted the breakfast bar and I will remember that. The apple pie was great!!! Thanks.

Honey pies for sure.

I bought some wonderful pies from Honey Pies for the holidays. That crust! wow.

Honey Pies has started doing some cakes that are pretty awesome as well.

Honey Pies rules.

Yummy possum pie I tried yesterday! Thanks it is worth the calories!

Honey Pies today. Jeff and I shared an iced sugar cookie. It was fabulous!

The chocolate we had at Christmas, right? Omg.


Their pies are really good and fresh. The crust is soft and tasty!

Yummy goodness!!

Honey Pies’ staff is over the top kind and accommodating! They saved the day when I needed a birthday cake within 7 hours of ordering! They made our birthday celebration special with their delicious chocolate, naked cake. I highly recommend stopping in and trying everything!!

Three words for you. YOU ARE AWESOME!

Went to pie class tonight, fantastic time, fantastic people. Thank you for a great night. Looking forward to eating my creation. #honeypies #delish

Always a pleasant experience when I shop at Honeypies

Yum yum a real treet

The chocolate is amazing! Loved my birthday cake last week!

I love them all.

This place is no JOKE totally Delicious!

Delicious! Homemade desserts with top quality ingredients. So glad Little Rock has Honey Pies!

That Ganache brownie!! Wow!! Sooooo good!! It’s sinful!! A little pricey, but treating yourself once a month may just be worth it.

Nice people, great coffee, and I had breakfast and pie. Yummie!

I ordered a birthday cake for my mom’s surprise birthday party. The drippy cake was simply a hit! I highly recommend Honey Pie’s products to anyone.

Wonderful pies!

So yummy

LOVE Honey Pies!

This looks sooo good! Love yalls pies and cakes! Im pregnant and this cake looks soooo good!!!

Best pies and cakes. Proud to said I been vying for them since they started at their house.

Love this place!

So yum!!!

Got my family some brownies, a cookie and some coffee! So good. Now I know where I want my birthday cake for my 30th made.

I’ve had their pie, and it was fire.

My husband and I really enjoyed the Pecan Brittle!

They are amazing!! So yum.

I Love Honey Pies!

We loved your brownies from yesterday! Happy Half Birthday!

Their pies and desserts are phenomenal!

Got the chocolate fudge brownie pie last weekend. Oh. My. Word. It was scrumptious. And the crust…

💕 haven’t had your brownies but everything else I’ve tried is A++

ANYTHING from Honey Pies is to die for. Absolute best in town. Xoxo!

We were talking at lunch today about how everything you make is fabulous. It became a “what is best” conversation” with about 5 things being the “winner”! LOL!

We love honey pies! Best pies in Little Rock.

Had the fudge pie and a chocolate chip cookie and OHMUHGUH they were both YUMMAZING so I know their brownies must be too!

Your blueberry oat bars where probably the best I’ve ever had.

I’ll add in my friends at Honey Pies here in Little Rock, too. Delish.

Honey Pies is the best!!

Yummy! Your coconut pie is my absolute favorite!

Everything I’ve tried there is fabulous

Always delicious and such a great treat!

It’s the rainbow sprinkles that make them magical!


Had one of these a couple weeks ago and it was fabulous!!

Fudge brownie pie was great

Best brownies ever!

I voted for you in more than one category! 😁 GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Your cheesecake was amazing! Everyone loved it. Thanks

These are awesome!

Oh my ganache! This looks delicious!!!

Ohhhhhhh, yaaaaaahhhhhh 🤗

❤ Honey Pies!

Honey Pies + Loblolly! *drools*

Your pies are awesome

And the pie crust is fantastic too!!

Pie and cake, yummy!

❤ the fudge pie with salted caramel

Their pies and desserts are phenomenal!

Definitely delicious!

Always a great experience! Everyone is friendly, the coffee is fantastic and the treats are amazing!

Little Rock friends, you should go here, everything is over the top good, and great barista’s too!

Great cup of coffee at Honey Pies

Your pies are awesome

Always delicious and such a great treat!

I’ll bet they’re fabulous like everything else I’ve tried there.

Yummy! Your coconut pie is my absolute favorite!

Love Honey Pies!

Holy Curse word indeed!!!!

Tried their vanilla cupcake yesterday. YUMMY, delicious vanilla flavor with creamy icing!!!

All others I’ve had are amazing too but the chocolate cream holds a special place in my heart lol

We got cupcakes the other day and I have to confess they were the best I’ve ever had in 45 years!!

Everything there is good. I have been several times now and love it

This was delicious! Glad I got one!

December 2016 Reviews

We just scored the best sweets in town for New Years Eve

Best desserts ever!!

Honey Pies! You make so many people happy.

I ❤ Honey Pies!

Honey heaven and great coffee. Love the place

Brownies and coffee are awesome

Their chocolate cream pie is pretty legit!!!!

The mini pies are the devil. I could go get one every night!

Great pies and Great coffee!

Great Pies!

These are adorable!! ❤

Best pie and ice cream in Arkansas!!!

We love the ice cream and the amazing pies!! 😊

Love these pies

Your cherry pies are the best!!!

I LOVE your deliciousness ❤

I just love Honey Pies!

THE best cherry pie!

Oh my goodness, this looks delicious! Cherry pie is my all time fave!

The macaroons are the best!!! Hope to see more!!

I just ate the best veggie quiche ever from honey pies! Bursting with flavor! #HoneyPiesSoFreakingGood

Wonderful quality product. Lots of love goes into everything they make.

Got a chocolate cupcake yesterday for the first time- oh my it was heaven!!!!!

Their crustless coconut meringue pies in little jars are made by baby angels. I will be back. Staff goes over the top to treat you right. It’s a privilege being a guest at Honey Pies!

So yummy!

Love me some Honey Pies! LOVE me some Honey Pies!!!

Honey Pies lives up to the hype!

I got Morgan’s coconut creme birthday pie there. Yummy.

I got their crustless coconut cream and I’m pretty sure it was made by baby angels.

God a fudge brownie pie today. I love this place. The beverages are amazing!

You make so many people happy.

And the pie crust is fantastic too!!

I got really scared y’all weren’t gonna make any more pies after January 1st.

Bought a fudge brownie pie and a possum pie….unbelievably good!

Over the holidays, we had the Chery Lattice Pie! It’s was LOVELY! Thanks Honey Pies!


I tried this yesterday for the first time and it was soooo delicious!

Wow, wow!

Just got cinnamon rolls! Awesome! Can’t wait to try the pies.

There pies are amazing and their crust Taste like sweet butter

If it tastes half as good as it looks it will be amazing.

If it is half as good as the pies it is the best cake on the planet!

I tried Honey Pies minis yesterday for the first time and it was delicious! The right balance of all ingredients makes it perfect! Coconut cream pie, chocolate brownie pie, cherry and eggnog cheesecake scrumptious!

Chocolate and pecan pies are wonderful… really I love them all

Love your chocolate cream pies best!!

My family ❤ your pies! Can’t wait to try one of your cakes! 😋

Biscuits and gravy, pork belly blt, and more. It is all good.

Thanks to YaYa’s Euro Bistro Little Rock & Honey Pies for creating a wonderful atmosphere and fabulous pies for our annual Christmas party! We have so much to be thankful for.

Great food.

Love everything I’ve tried so far!!

Awesome cake!!

We had the Honey Pies tart Cherry pie with Lob-Lolly Double Vanilla ice cream last night – IT WAS SOOOOO DELICIOUS!

About to have our special dessert. Stop by weekly and grab a couple minis for the wife and I. Yummy.

Y’all, if you don’t go there you’ll wish you had. If you do you’ll wish you hadn’t cause you can’t stay away!! REALLY!

We split the bananas foster french toast and biscuits and sausage gravy. Absolute perfection!

OMG We went this morning. People you must go now! The Trio Plate is AMAZING. Chef Mindy Mitchell all I can say is WOW !

Oh my goodness it was delicious!

Her gumbo rocked it. Thank you you for all the famous chef bob desired chocolate fudge pies. Best crust ever.

The biscuit and gravy were amazing!!!!! Hope to see those again

Brunch was awesome.

It was so good. We got ours to go. The biscuits & sausage gravy was on the money. Can’t wait to eat the red beans, rice and sausage for dinner

Best pie and ice cream in Arkansas!!!


Your cherry pies are the best!!!

Best place this side of. Well, any where!! Go see for yourself !!

Wow that meringue is knock dead gorgeous!

That peach pie is just special.

Got a cherry pie yesterday. It’s good. I can’t wait til peaches are back in season.

Brunch was strong! Everything was so delicious and perfect for this cold burr weather!

I have loved everything I have tried! Amazing food and service! Always friendly!

It was devilishly good.

Wonderful pies!

I like me some good honey pie too!!! ??

Love all their pies!!

It’s awesome!

I’m officially in love. I went in this afternoon to pick up a treat. It was delicious! (Chocolate fudge brownie mini pies and the biggest chocolate chip cookie ever). The customer service was amazingly sweet! Great place!

Yeeesss! First visit last Thursday. Great stuff.

The Cherry-cranberry pie is very good! I also had the quiche and a very rich flavored brownie! However, they were out of the Sweet Potato pie which was the purpose of my visit…..guess I will have to go back real soon!

Yep, we are here. The cinnamon rolls are ridiculous. So good.

I had your bacon quiche and it was amazing!!!! Wish I could coe for coffee and breakfast every morning. Loved the crust!

Love your products

I had the coconut cream yesterday and it was wonderful. I’ve tried several of your flavored. And the young lady who helped me was charming.

Talked to the girl working Tuesday evening a lot! She was great!

Best Pies Ever!!!

Just finished my little pie. I tried the coconut cream today. Wonderful!

I finally made it in to the shop this week, and those cinnamon rolls were worth the trip! I live in the neighborhood, and I will be back!

The coconut cream pie with marshmallow cream topping was the best pie I have ever tasted, and I make pretty good pie myself! The quiche was great as well. And the latte was fantastic. And the service was second to none. And the atmosphere was friendly and cheerful. Need I say more? Run, don’t walk, to Honey Pies!

I finally made it in to the shop this week, and those cinnamon rolls were worth the trip! I live in the neighborhood, and I will be back!

Quiche was excellent. Employees are great.?

The Parisian mocha was delicious! Thanks for being in our community.

Talked to the girl working Tuesday evening a lot! She was great!

One word describes this place….. AWESOME!!!!!!

Your staff was super kind and helpful!! We own a bakery and I know how much work goes into a place like that!

NUM NUM NUM !!!!!!!!!!

Love you guys especially the s’mores and apple pie

Their pies are good!!!

This is the only thing that taste good to me with my chemo palate. Of course I love sweets…..

Love the pies

Delicious cinnamon rolls!????

The chocolate fudge brownie pie may be the most amazing thing, ever! Try it with salted caramel ice cream, you will not be disappointed. ????

Stop by here weekly for a nice treat. Yummy mini pies.

If it tastes half as good as it looks, it will be delicious!

Love your chocolate cream pies best!!

My family ❤ your pies! Can’t wait to try one of your cakes! ?

To die for!

We love your pies. Want to try your cake.

Just got cinnamon rolls! Awesome!

I tried Honey Pies minis yesterday for the first time and it was delicious! The right balance of all ingredients makes it perfect! Coconut cream pie, chocolate brownie pie, cherry and eggnog cheesecake scrumptious!

There pies are amazing and their crust Taste like sweet butter

If it is half as good as the pies it is the best cake on the planet!

They are yummy!!

Chocolate and pecan pies are wonderful .. really I love them all


Really enjoyed the mini pie and so did my guests

Excellent pies and coffee! A wonderful place that should stand the test of time! Employees were very friendly

I went there this morning for the first time, and I’d have to say that those cinnamon rolls are the truth!!! My partner had the quiche which was excellent and, great coffee and phenomenal hospitality. We’re fans now!!

Just like homemade from back in the day except maybe better. Don’t wait one more minute to get your honey pie treat!

I had your apple pie on Thanksgiving and it was simply amazing!!!!!!!

November 2016 Reviews

The chocolate fudge brownie pie is ABSOLUTELY the best pie I have ever eaten!!

Oh my heavens, you just don’t ever stop totally shocking me with your awesomeness!!! See you tomorrow, so consider this as my pre order of a mini cherry for me miss Thang! #sogood

The pumpkin is amazing!

This is a total MUST!! #bestpieintown

You should try their quiche it’s the silkiest thing I have ever eaten and top it with a meringue cookie

I’ll never make another pie without getting the crust from Honey Pies. The crust, along with a pint of whipped cream, made my pie the best I’ve ever made. Thank you!

The shop is so quaint and delightful! I love their lattes and pies. Perfect setting!

Such good pies. Great lady. Fine chamber member.

They are truly wonderful!

Best pie crust around!

I was genuinely pleased with my pick up experience yesterday. In and out no problem! If I lived closer to Little Rock, I’d definitely be after more pie lol ? Have a great Thanksgiving!

Some of the best pie, and piecrust I’ve ever had.

You all do you make an outstanding product.

Love the mini-pies, so happy to have a local pie shop run by wonderful people! Just picked up a Cherry Streusel and Sweet Potatoe Merengue for thanksgiving and there was a huge line of folks picking up theirs! Go Honey Pies!

Honey Pies are amazing!

Honey I ate the whole pie! Crust, meringue, and filling, O My! Work-outs just may be worth it!

No words. You just HAVE to taste them! I’ve already ordered my Thanksgiving pies from Honey Pies!!!

Coffee, pie and quiche for breakfast with my oldest daughter — Saturday is off to a great start!!! Hope you too support this GREAT local business! Thanks Honey Pie!

Well done!

Best pies in town. That crust though!!!

The coconut pie from Honey Pies is really good!!


Check out this pie!

I loved my sweet potato pie will be back soon

Professional, courteous staff. Super clean store. Delicious, delicious pies. It should against the law to have pies that taste this good and not have a business slogan. If these pies were rocket fuel I would be on Jupiter right now. They are beyond great!! On a scale of 10, I rate them a 15.

The pies at Honey Pies are incredible. They are truly homemade from scratch.

Had their chocolate fudge brownie pie and it was one of the best pies I’ve ever had.

They have more than just pies. Quiche made daily. Best coffee in LR. Loblolly ice cream. All top notch!

Best pie I had in 2016

The chocolate cream and chocolate fudge-brownie like ones were delicious I bought last Saturday!!!

Love that place

My husband loved the cherry pie for his birthday!

That crust is awesome!!

Loved my sweet potato pie it was so good and the customer service is amazing

Their coconut cream pie was delicious!


Yum! We had an apple pie from you guys tonight and I was just raving about the crust! Perfection!


Got apple pie,brownie,cookies! Very wonderful!!! I take things to other people! So glad they opened!!!!


Stopped in today to try for the first time. I got the coconut cream pie, let me tell you, this is the type of pie they serve in heaven. The meringue was so creamy, I’ve never tasted anything like it. This pie definitely brightened my day! I can’t wait to go back and try more.

Such a great place! The chocolate brownie pie with vanilla ice cream was AMAZING! I’m excited to go back!

Love your pies!!

No complaints! Yummy

I love what you guys are doing.

The best pie in Little Rock! Great customer service. Sharon and Lance are super nice.

Your pie skills are likely not as good as Honey Pies, plus baking is a pain. Just order it.

Ok, I finally got to try your Devine quiche the other day. My friend loved the regular one I got her and she is a quiche fan. I loved the crust less vegan one I got two of so I could have one that day and the next when I knew I wouldn’t have time for a break. It was amazing, my only wish was that the crust less one wasn’t just vegan cause I would love the other variety but can’t have the crust on mine since I am gluten free due to celiac and didn’t have a problem with it at all and I drool looking at this one. I don’t know how you make your quiche so silky but don’t stop! Maybe one of these days I will splurge to have you make me a crust less one with the goodies you put in the one with crust. I thought I had heard you use some sliced potatoes as a crust style for the crust less ones but maybe I was dreaming. Oh and the meringue cookie I got was completely yumtastic!!!

The crust is unreal! I’ve tried their sweet potato and chocolate cream pie as well as their s’mores bars and they were all delicious. I normally don’t prefer the crust in pies, but theirs is so tasty! I’ve already pre-ordered the pumpkin and apple streusel pies for this Thanksgiving with their house-made whipped cream and of course added the salted caramel Loblolly ice cream. My mouth is already watering thinking about it! We will definitely be ordering more from Honey Pies!

My personal experience w/Honey Pies has been excellent, up to & including the coffee! The homemade cinnamon rolls are unbelievable!

Having a couple of gluten free options on this side of town for these sweets are very important to me and I am so glad I found some that were as delicious as my quiche and meringue.


Love Honey Pies!

8 slices were the perfect size for such a richly-flavored and textured dessert! The crust stood up well to the slicing, and pieces were neatly delivered. More fruit than I’ve ever found before in a pie. Wonderful.


The chocolate cream and the coconut cream is so good

October 2016 Reviews

Your pie is AMAZING!!! We will be back soon! Sooooo gooood!!

Glad you’re in our neighborhood!

Most of the time, coconut pies are too eggy for me. Yours is AMAZING! I could eat the whole thing! Sadly, my sister only let me go home with one piece. Guess I’ll have to come back!

Delicious and super nice staff! Definitely will be returning!

This has to be the finest french trained pastry chefs in town with such a uniquie talent for pie bakeing

Thank you for donating to the DHS Foster Kids Christmas fundraiser that was held today (Boo Bake Sale). Your pies are terrific!

We love your shop and pies. The pie fillings have great flavor and spicing. Very enjoyable experience!

The quiche was good.


Great pie. Love the pecan

Sitting waiting for my coffee, enjoying a sage scone. Seriously tasty, I’m a fan. Service is nice to boot!

Loves Sweets!!

You need to hit honey pie’s on Bowman. These pies are freaking delicious

Tried a slice of the chocolate fudge pie yesterday and it was AMAZING!

Honey Pecan was amazing! Highly recommend!!!!!!!

This place is just … woah. Everything is insanely delicious

Love you guys!!


Best pies and treats I’ve ever eaten!

Everything was great in a very cheery place! And we stayed a long time catching up with each other. I loved the place and food

Great food

Best pies and coffee ever!

Best Coconut cream I’ve ever had, really like it. I will be back!

The pecan is out of this world

Called to place a large order of pies and their customer service was fantastic!!

I had coffee and chocolate cream pie there this PM. Yummy

Best pies ever!

Best Pies in Arkansas folks!!!! Keep up the hard work !!!!!

Such a sweet shop. Coffee is great too.

Haven’t had a chance to try the pies yet but the staff was great and everything looked delicious.

They are So Good!!

The workers were very friendly, informative about their coffee and professional. The coffee was wonderful with a full bodied flavor. I love the whole vibe in there; will definitely be going back.

The pies!!!!!

It’s so good. We’ve had her pecan pie, coconut and brownie. We get the mini pies. Her crust is delicious. I love a good pie crust.

All fantastic. Chocolate cream pie excellent.

It’s amazing!!! We love Honey Pies!

The store front is beautiful

Brownie pie was delicious

Great pies!!

September 2016 Reviews

She’s awesome and so are her pies! Great combo with Loblolly Creamery

We love Sharon and her pies! Great combination – Loblolly & HoneyPies!

Fudge brownie pie was delicious! I want to try coconut next.

They are by far the BEST!

Best pecan pie ever!!!

Nun, num, num!

I had never heard of this place until we had our monthly birthday celebration last week and brought in 5 or 6 pies. They are to die for!!

Great pies!!!

Surely an illegal substance

Yes the pie was sooooooo good!

Loved the campfire pie! Can’t wait to go back and try more chocolate flavors!

Love love love it! Best pecan pie ever!

Delicious fillings and excellent crust!

Friendly helpers!! This is a nice addition to our area.

Best pie I have ever eaten!

We stopped in tonight. I got the coconut cream and John got the pecan honey. Both were excellent!

A perfect little bakery… The homemade pies are delicious, and I love the ice cream and local coffee options! We go all of the time!

My fave pie shop in town

Had my first Honey Pie last night! Fudge, I think? I would kill for crust like that on my pies at home. Perfection. I need your secret!

I need milk just looking at it!

delicious piece of chocolate pie

Did I mention that Honey Pies bakes reeeeally delicious pies???

Apple Pie was very good and we had great, friendly service

Honey Pies is absolutely delicious! My husband and I pick up a slice often and it is worth every penny! Not to mention amazing and friendly customer service!

My family had apple and fudge. So delicious!!!

The smores bar I had yesterday was amazing!

delicious pies

That’s the best meringue that ever existed.

The pumpkin pie was great!

Yummy!! Pumpkin is my favorite.

August 2016 Reviews

I do love a good donut but after trying Honey Pies last week, I gotta say PIE FOR BREAKFAST!!!

Pies so good we drive from Texas to get em. They were great Sharon. Thanks.

Love love love the coconut cream pie! The location is great, shop is cute and staff is friendly.

We loved the honey pecan pie we brought home yesterday! All of it. We loved all of it in a few hours.

Their Peach pie and Pecan pie are among the best we have ever had. The crust is incredible.

Tonight Chris got me a little birthday cake and he gave Mila a little piece of the cake and a little piece of your peanut butter pie, and she barely ate any of the cake and ate all of the pie and asked for more pie.

Hello delicious pie!!! I’m coming for you.

I loved the flaky homemade crust! It’s the best I’ve eaten, next to my wife’s! Great job!

Delicious Chocolate Fudge pie with flaky homemade crust! Great job!

The pie was awesome!

Thank you for having delicious pies and coffee, and a desire to help the community.

Just brought home a peach pie. It’s still warm!

Love Love Love!!! Eating a slice of peach pie. Reminds me of my childhood!

This is seriously one of the best Pecan Pies I have ever had Sharon!

They were hilarious! 5 stars all the way girl!

The honey makes all the difference in the flavor profile… my favorite of all time

We purchased a Chocolate Brownie Pie from Honey Pies this afternoon and it was absolutely wonderful! Hands down the BEST crust I have ever eaten. Can’t wait to try move flavors!

Dessert time! So good.

Dear Lord and 8lb 9oz Baby Jesus.

I just bought the peach pie and all I can say is that it is so amazing. It isn’t overly sweet, it is the right amount and I will be back.

Made from scratch… delicious peanut pie. Thanks Alice!

Peach pie is yummy!

Spent a fabulous weekend day helping Sharon at her beautiful pie shop! We were in awe of how wonderful she is with her fustomers and all the while with us and it was awesome all being together watching our girl live her dream! It was a sweet as honey pie day for sure!


YUM! When will the Fayetteville location be opening?!!!!!

The Fudge Pie was AMAZING!! And Liam loved the Double Vanilla ice cream cone.

Busy, busy, busy! Come see us for the grand opening of Honey Pies! It smells sooooooo good in here!

Love this place! These pies are delish and the owner is super sweet!!

Took my wife and daughter today and LOVED the pies! We sampled a couple and bought the chocolate fudge! Sooooo Good! Thanks guys!

Best pies, without a doubt. Quality ingredients, baked with love and care. Loved all that we sampled and the crust is amazing on each. If we could, would have bought one of each! Had to settle for the entire chocolate fudge pie and a slice of key lime. It’s heaven! Highly recommend. SO GOOD!!!

Pie, pie, and more pie. Minus some coconut cream pie.

Just try it. It’s a bit of heaven and magic on a plate.

Had me at Honey Pecan Pie.

Best new business in town.

WHAT PIE DREAMS ARE MADE OF. Honey Pies Pie Shop is knocking out some amazing pies from Banana Cream Pie to Arkansas Peach.

Stopped by and got some fantastic Coconut Cream pie. Congratulations Sharon on a great grand poening. You guys were BUSY!!

Coconut cream!

If you need a little something to cure a sweet tooth today, stop by the Honey Pies grand opening on Bowman. I am excited for the Honey Pecan and Apple that I’ll be sharing later!


This was so good that we went twice in 2 hours! Way to go Sharon and Lance! What an accomplishment!

Great food, great folks. Hurry out to see them at Honey Pies, 315 Bowman Curve.

The best fudge pie I’ve ever eaten. A wonderful cross between a rich brownie and delectable fudge. Plus crust. How much better can it get?


Coconut cream pie is rediculous.

CAN NOT WAIT for a slice this next week!!!

Went by today and bought 3 different pieces to share with friends. They were so yummy!

My boys and I stopped by and picked up a few slices and they were all Delicious!! Love the space and will definitely be back again!

Just left Honey Pies on Bowman. We will definitely be back soon. The pies are out of this world as is the service. Thanks for opening in Little Rock.

So Yummy! Make this your new place for pies! They have whole pies or by the slice.


The shop is beautiful and the pie is AMAZING!!!

Ken Dempsey is making amazing BBQ Cuban sandwiches and the pies really are amazing.

Seriously people, Go by and eat some pie!! Apple and chocolate are my favs.


Honey pies is life

Oh my goodness!!


Oh my pie oh pie.

I’m there every Saturday. Love all the pies, cookies and brownies.

I stopped by the new shop. It went very well.

Sharon is one of the kindest persons I’ve ever encountered in life! If you haven’t tried one of her pies you’re missing out and should use it as a opportunity to go get some this Sunday! My forever favorite is her honey pecan pie.

Caleb and I went to Honey Pies tonight, over off North Bowman in Little Rock, and everything we had was SO tasty!! Their grand opening is Aug. 6th. So excited to have a local place like this close to home. They have pie, cookies, coffee, and Loblolly ice cream too!

I just called to say that it’s the best thing I’ve ever had in my life.

The fudge brownie was very good.

We had your banana cream and it was so good.

The fudge brownie is out of this world.

I’ve had that fudge brownie pie before. It’s yum!

I got your chocolate fudge brownie pie yesterday. That was amazing.

Get the keylime!

I had the Honey Pecan topped with Loblolly’s Double Vanilla and OH my GOODNESS! So very good!! Great job guys! We’ll be back!

It was really good.

The key lime pie was pretty good.

Best pie in the state. The queen of the crust.

Oh man if i lived closer i would be in trouble and you would be out of pies……yyyuuuuummmm

The two pies I picked up was a big hit!! Thank you so much. The apple was the favorite… Peach crust melted in your mouth. Great job ladies. We’ll be back!

That coconut cream was nice and light! Glad to see your expanded coffee menu!!

First time – can’t wait to come back – fortunately it’s not far from Savers so it will motivate me to clear & donate my clutter!!!!

Chocolate fudge brownie pies are the breakfast of champions.

All was perfect

Staff so friendly. Treated us like family.


They put out a fantastic product.

This pie is the bomb!

Excellent on the espresso.

If you’re ever in Little Rock I highly suggest you stop in for some sweet treats. You won’t be disappointed!

Can’t wait to visit your shop again, the pie was amazing!

This cookie is amazing!!

Mmm banana creme!

We love Honey Pies!! Congrats on your new Shop! What a great grand opening!

Thank you. I just tried that peach pie & I think it’s the best I’ve ever had. You rock! Thanks again.

SO delicious!!

Best pie in Arkansas

I just tasted your coconut cream. It’s amazing. Amazing!

That was awesome!

Your pie is so good. The crust is fabulous.

The coconut cream pie was so good.

Had the last piece of honey pecan for breakfast! Delish!

I stopped by the new shop. It went very well.

I liked the blueberry better than the chocolate becuase my pie preferences lean toward fruit pies and the chocolate was much richer and sweeter than I prefer.

July 2016 Reviews

So wonderful, can’t wait to try all the other offerings you come up with!

The blueberry pie was delish!

The Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pie was intensely rich! Loved every bite!

The pies are so good!

Delicious and so excited for you!


Coconut cream pie is ridiculous.

Best dang peanut butter pie in the world. I will eat an entire one today!!!

The peanut butter pie is fantastic!

Go eat pie!!! It is so good, and the owners are super nice!

So good!!

Amazing banana cream pie today.

I had banana cream pie today… it was delish! Tomorrow peach pie! Shhhhhh

Delicious. Went last week.

The owners received us so kindly when the store was even closed! Thanks Sharon and Lance for the coffee. Can’t wait to try your pecan honey pie!

First pie I tried of hers, got me hooked right away.

Had the peach pie yesterday and it’s a must try. So delicious.

I didn’t think I’d like this pie before I first tried it. Boy was I wrong. Love it.

You captured every thought I’ve ever had about this pie. Good job & props to Sharon.

That pear pie.

As much as I don’t need that, I sooooo need that!

I haven’t been to the store personally, however I did eat a piece of peanut butter pie that my friend had. Best peanut butter pie ever. I was very impressed, it was so delicious! I plan on stopping to try some more goodies next time I’m in Little Rock!

The pies are so good!!

And the pies are fantastic!!!

Everybody needs this.


That looks just like the delicious slice of pie I had Saturday. Still thinking about how good it was. And yes, get ice cream with it!

Already had her apple pie. It is the best.

Delicious. Went last weekend.


Picked up the honey pecan pie….. delish!

They are all wonderful!

We’re missing your pies!!! Come to Texas!

These are the bomb, seriously delicious!!!!! Peanut butter is out of this world as is the chocolate!

Have not tried a pie that wasn’t absolutely delicious!

Wonderful pie!! Wonderful people! The new storefront is fresh and inviting. I’ve been eating Honey Pies since Sharon was baking in her kitchen and delivering pies from home. Every flavor is delicious!

All of my guys at work have been asking about this! They are huge apple and peach fans! We will check back next week and order full pies if we need to! I will be on later for my fudge pie!

Can not wait for a slice this next week!!!

Delicious pies. They’re all fabulous!

Enjoyed the Brownie Pie I purchased today! Yum-O!

I really enjoyed our visit. Y’all have done a great job.

Not only are the pies amazing but the owner is so nice!! I have found my new go to dessert spot!

I admire the passion and friendliness of everyone there. They work hard, listen to customer feedback in order to improve (even when you think it couldn’t be any better), and the pie is amazing. This will be a regular stop for sweet tooth indulgences!

My first trip and it won’t be my last. Coconut Cream Pie was delicious.

Delicious! Had this yesterday!

It’s my favorite!!! With a scoop of ice cream… slap yo momma.

Have you had Honey Pies, yet?? They’re amazing!!! The brownie one is to die for!!

The blueberry was so delicious, and the crust. Can’t wait to try another piece.

They are all wonderful!

Landon says Honey Pies is the Best

Thanks for the sweets tonight! Delicious!

Even though you were out of key lime today, the PB and chocolate fudge were tasty as always!!!!

That was amazing.

That was wonderful. We will be back.

It’s good. It’s a good crust.

This is really good.

I’m hoping you’ll pass my thanks along to Sharon for the delicious pies for my birthday. I had a slice of strawberry and apple. Both were so yummy! I absolutely love pies of all kinds, so I’m very excited to know there’s a pie shop in town. I will be treating my mom to some pie very soon! I only wish she had opened a few years earlier so my grandmother could have enjoyed her shop. She always wished for a place to have a slice of pie and coffee. Please congratulate her on her shop opening for me and tell her the pies were awesome! And ask her to let me know if she adds a peach pie to her menu!

Just an awesome pie.

The many layers of this Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pie from Honey Pies is incredible! The crispy top layer of chocolate goodness is the first thing you’ll bite into followed by a creamy rich fudge that has a pleasantly slight bitterness you expect from good chocolate. What really brings it together is the tender flaky crust with a touch of saltiness to marry the flavors. Soooo gooood!

That is the BEST pie I’ve ever had!!!

Both of my paralegals had birthdays this week and I gave them each a pie to enjoy over the weekend. I should have recorded their excitement for you! Thank you! They look amazing!

Local hand made gourmet pies

Love us some Honey Pies!!!!

The peach pie was still delicious. Thanks again!!!

Listen…I know desserts, and these are fabulous!!! I stopped by and didn’t even get to try a slice of pie. I had the brownie and chocolate chip cookies instead. They were both so good. I can’t wait to get back and try a slice of pie. I’m really rooting for this place. Sweet owner and delectable desserts!

YALL this place is amazing and DANGEROUSLY close to my house. Just had the most wonderful slice of banana cream pie and a glass of milk at Honey Pies new sweet little store front!

I had banana cream pie today…it was delish! Tomorrow peach pie! Shhhhhh

Ran by last minute and picked up a pie. It was wonderful. Staff was friendly and inviting. So glad this is open in West Little Rock!

The peanut butter pie is truly delcious. I could take down a whole pie easily.

Peanut butter pie is TO DIE FOR. LOVE THIS PLACE! Good luck to you!

The pie is heavenly!

I got one today and it WAS AMAZING!!!!!

So as I write this, I have just finished eating a slive of blueberry pie. Best pie hands down. I’ve been hoping for a pie shop for so long and for us to have one that is so good is just an answer to prayer (yes I pray for pie). If you’re reading this, go get a slice of Honey Pies!

Amazing banana cream pie today.

So good!!

Loved the chocolate fudge brownie!

You have to go get one of these pies so yummy

Y’all are awesome!!! We will be back very very soon!

The pies are awesome.

Best pie I’ve ever had, hands down.

If you haven’t checked out Honey Pie’s yet, get over there!

It was the best peach pie I’ve ever had

The Snickerdoodle cookies we ordered a few weeks ago were amazing.

OMG! This is the best birthday present ever!!

The pie and brownies were so good!!

Really happy for you, Sharon. I only wish I could be there to share in opening day. Doubt I’ll find pie as good as yours here in Dallas.

Sure wish I was there to get me one of those scrumptious pies.

Awesome pies. Excited. Coconut cream is the best.

Totally cool! The best pies in town!!

If you haven’t had Honey Pie, you’ve missed a big, delicious slice of life. Make a correction, and taste a confection. Trust me on this one.

Excited about this one! These pies are awesome!

It looks amazing and tastes even better!! So happy for you!

We Love Honey Pies. In fact we are eating on a pie right now.


Great pies!!!

Loved our chocolate brownie pie tonight!! Perfect birthday treat for Mom! Thanks, Sharon!!

My husband and I had the blueberry and honey pecan this evening… they were amazing! Can’t wait to try more!

My husband and I split the strawberry and peach pies yesterday and they were amazing!!!

You made the most delicious rhubarb pie for me a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to say thanks and we will be ordering again!

Pie was wonderful

They are so good

The chocolate fudge pie is awesome

Her desserts are phenomenal!

Delicious! Homemade pies made ot order from REALLY good stuff. Are these “cheap” pies? No. Are they worth the price? YES! Each delicious bit of heaven on earth is handmade with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients (when available), and none go out the door without Sharon’s (the owner and proprietor) personal approval. Pie! Who DOESN’T love great pie? Weirdos, THAT’S who!

The pie was amazing!! Thanks again! We all loved it. Can’t wait for your shop to open!

That special touch. The pie was awesome.

Best banana cream pie I’ve ever had!!! Thanks so much! Can’t wait til the pie shop is open – it’s really close to my house!!

Sharon after working hard all weekend trying to help you get the pie shop in order, it just really wore us down. So we stopped at Walmart for some Aleve and forks. It’s amazing how fast that Aleve made me and Amanda feel better. Pie was best of the best. By the way, Georgia says we can leave the trailer at her house anytime, the pie was incredible.

It’s not the 4th unless you overeat but this pie was so worth it! THE best peach pie from Honey Pies, so delicious!

Loved the cookie today at lunch.

My Dad’s 88th birthday was today, ordered a delicious apple pie for him, and everyone enjoyed it!! Thank you so much for a delicious apple pie!

Best pies in town!!

and they are DELICIOUS

Seriously the Yummiest!!!!

June 2016 Reviews

Thank you so much again for our pies, Sharon!! They are seriously the best!!! And they are long gone already! Hope y’all are enjoying the weekend!

My office is raving about the peach and coconut pies we got today. One had tears in his eyes when he saw that the peach pie was still warm.

So good Honey Pies

Sharon!! Your pies were a hit!! I gave several people your website name. Thanks so much!

The best parties are parties that feature FOUR DIFFERENT PIES from Honey Pies (yes, I had a slice of each)

It’s the best strawberry pie I’ve ever had

Had Sharon’s Strawberry pie at Bash Burger and it was so delicious.

Hello, I love your products!

Mom let me taste the honey pecan and the chocolate pies..omg they were so GOOD!

My office is raving about the peach and coconut pies we got today. One had tears in his eyes when he saw that the peach pie was still warm.

That is delicious!

The lemon meringue pie was amazing! Thank you so much for accommodating our special request!! Best meringue I’ve ever tasted!!

I wanted to let you know that your pie was fantastic. It made my boyfriend’s birthday really special. Thank you so much! I will definitely be ordering from you again.

Sharon, your pies are delightful! Thanks so much

May 2016 Reviews

Sharon, pies were fabulous

I’ve been telling everyone I know about y’all! No doubt the best pie I’ve ever eaten.

My wife picked up a coconut cream pie from you tonight. Thanks for accomodating us at such short notice. My mom made the best coconut cream pies. Of course all are moms did. I actually had a dream about finding a great coconut cream pie last night. I am very picky and have never found one that I would say was as good as moms, until now. My mom has been gone since the 80’s so I have been on a search for a long time. Even tried ot make them myself. The pie I had tonight from Honey Pies was the best I have ever had. Not too sweet, perfect consistency, flaky and salty crust, lots of shaved coconut. It was wonderful. Thanks!!!

Great pies and even better people!!!!! Thanks so much for offering the people of central Arkansas such quality!!!!!

I love your pies!!!!

Tell me this doesn’t look good coconut cream pie and yes it’s home made. And I know where I can get more let me know I can hook you up. Thank you Honey Pies your the best.

The pie is gorgeous!!! Thanks again.

Honey Pies is the best pie I have ever eaten. Seriously. And the really GREAT news is the local branch will very soon have its own store opening on Bowman in WLR. Highly recommended without reservation, and if you haven’t tried it, you are missing out on a little pleasure in your life. Trust me… Mmmmmm, PIE!!!

Love Honey Pies

We went to the Honey Pies day at Loblolly Creamery. Amazing!!!

Big news from one of the best bakers in town! I love what Honey Pies is doing and their shop is going to be a regular stop for us.

Got my slice! It was so good.

Good morning to the baker of the best Honey Pies! Ever since my husband and I tried a slice I’ve been trying to find an excuse to buy one from you!!

Got to try the coconut cream pie at BASH Burger today, and it is delcious!

This strawberry pie from Honey Pies is really a thing of beauty. Might want to get on that.

It’s really hard to imagine a pie tasting better than the Strawberry Pie from Honey Pies.

That pie is the real deal.

It was excellent. I could eat a giant pan of that crust!

Strawberry pie is a beautiful thing. And this version of Honey Pies was really spectacular. The texture and flavor of the filling in this thing is unlike any I’ve had before. And of course, Sharon’s crust is always on point. It’s this month’s seasonal offering, so you’d better order one soon if you want to try it.

The pie is excellent.

April 2016 Reviews


I had a piece of this strawberry pie at the Hillcrest Farmers Market last Saturday. It was so scrumptious, I didn’t even feel guilty having it for breakfast.

The pies were Wonderful!! Strawberry was my favorite. It was nice to meet you and your family. Good Luck on your Pie plans.

Pies are great!!

Sweet mother of strawberries

A slice of heaven, support other sweeteries in our city! This chocolate piece of life with no parole is courtesy of Honey Pies of Arkansas!! #pieheaven #chocolatewasted #thatcrusttho

The pie was delicious and I will most definitely write a review. I have been raving about your business and the quality of product you put out.

Thank you Honey Pies the pies were delicious

Outstanding was one word that came to mind. I sampled your chocolate brownie pie at the Chamber bash at the port last night and had to grab one to go for my wife. Seems like we are forever looking for a great place to just have a slice of pie when the mood hits. You know, it’s all about the crust in the pie world. That’s what really separates the great from the average, and your crust definitely made the grade.

Best pie ever!!

Your pies are stars!

Fantastic strawberry pie

It was a wonderful pie!

This was a fantastic pie.

Wow!! Just tried Honey Pie tonight and it is so good!!!!! The strawberry pie is absolutely delicious!! I hope to try more in the future!

Pies were delicious Sharon!

We loved the pies, especially the chocolate.

I stumbled across these pies at the B Street Rib Off. The chocolate fudge brownie pie was melt in your mouth good. You can tell these pies are made by hand with fresh ingredients. I can’t wait to try the other pies!

I discovered your pies at the B Street Rib Off. Love at first bite. Can’t wait to try more!

I tried the pecan and chocolate pies and both were wounderful. The pecan pie was made with honey and local pecans. It was the best pie I have ever eaten!!

The lemon pie with loblollys buttermilk ice cream is amazing!

Looking forward to bringing a little Honey Pie to Conway!! That brownie pie was absolutely amazing today.

The best part of this year’s B Street Rib off may be that Honey Pies is setup in the back.

March 2016 Reviews

I ordered a Pear Pie! Best pie ever!!

A slice of heaven

Dang Good Pie.

These are ridiculously good!!

That’s the best coconut pie I have ever put in my mouth

Had that chocolate fudge brownie pie for Easter. It was the bomb. Sharon is a pleasure to deal with too. Thumbs up for Honey Pies

If you live in the Little Rock area and appreciate great pie, may I recommend without reservation that you try Honey Pies made to order from scratch pies. Quite simply the best I’ve ever had. Two thumbs WAY up!

Exceptionally delicious and bespoke made with a delightful combination of FRESH, wholesome ingredients by someone who demonstrably loves what she bakes. Superb! No comparison with frozen, store bought, production line stuff. The Porsche of pies! Seriously…

Incredible Honey Pie Chocolate Fudge pie with Loblolly Candy Bar ice cream shake. Honey Pie takeover happening now. Incredible breakfast!

I had a slice of apple pie the other day. It was so yummy.

A coworker told me about Honey Pies as we were discussing the best pies in Little Rock on Pi Day. I promptly submitted an order online for a coconut cream pie and picked it up around lunch time. The owner was incredibly nice, first emailing and then calling to let me know she had one ready to go. We ate the pie right after dinner, and my wife (an excellent baker herself) marveled over the fresh ingredients, wonderful flavors, and flaky crust. She told me that I could pick her up Honey Pies for her birthday or any other special occasion. My kids loved it too. FIVE STARS.

Absolutely delicious pies! They’re made from scratch and look amazing. I’ve had the chocolate fudge brownie pie. AMAZING! Great decadent flavor with a delicious flaky crust. Without a doubt, one of the best pies you’ll ever have! If you are looking to indulge in sweet, delicious pie, Honey Pies is definitely the place to go!

Just devoured the coconut cream pie and oh my, was every morsel decadent!

I wish you could hear the raves today at LRCA! Everyone LOVES the pies…thank you so very much.

Sharon is a friendly lady always with a positive attitude and ready smile and she makes very good pies. My favorite pie to date is the apple pie, but the Pecan pie is a close second. I’d recommend buying a slice if you come across her selling pies. They are definitely worth it!

I got to try the coconut cream pie today! Yummy!

Mmmmmmm, pie!

The chocolate fudge brownie is amazing!!!

And they are SO good!

Just in case you didn’t know, these are awesome pies!

Absolutely delicious! And, I got “Husband of the Year” award. My wife was working on our taxes when I popped in with three beautiful slices of three different pies on a plate. She was so excited! We sat down and she eyed them with the eyes of a seasoned baker appreciating the art that was in front of her. “That’s not an extruded crust!” she said, as we dove in. They were divine! We will be back, and spreading the news about Honey Pies over here in Sherwood!

I’m the lucky one whose husband brought home a slice o each @ lunch today. They were all superb! (And your crust is terrific, btw.)

The pie was awesome last night!

Anything from MyHoneyPies deserves applaud.

Chocolate pie was rich and loved the crust! Shared it with a friend. Check out Honey Pies at Station 801!

Sharon, I’ll now be going to the gym twice a day so that I can continue to eat pie! This was delicious!

That pecan, though very good! Enjoyed meeting you!

Stupid good. Honey Pies fudge brownie pie with Loblolly Vanilla

These pies are so delicious! My favorite is the chocolate; it is rich and the crust is so flaky. You can tell the ingredients are high quality, because the taste is so great!

Omg that honey pecan pie is soooooo good!! #honeypies

Loved The Pies! Thank You!

The pie was spectacular.

Pie was amazing. Night is made!!!

February 2016 Reviews
February 22nd, 2016 – Little Rock Soirée, Where to Get Your Sweet Tooth Fix This Month

Just when you thought you’d never love again after The Pie Hole set off for Dallas, life has new meaning again. This pie shop’s wares are slap-your-mama good. The menu has everything from lemon cream pie and chocolate fudge brownie pie to chicken pot pie and beyond. Seasonal offerings are added every so often, including a chocolate caramel Oreo pie and anjou pear pie. You can order online, or if you can’t wait, you can often find a slice waiting for you at the Food Truck Stop.

Sharon’s pies are the best. We’ve loved everything we’ve tried of hers.

I ordered a pecan pie yesterday at 2 for dinner at 6! Sharon Woodson made it right away and Lance delivered it to my door at 6 on the dot! Talk about service! It was hands down, the most delectable pecan pie my family has ever eaten! Thank you Honey Pies! Please support Sharon’s entrepreneurial spirit! She has the talent to go far!

It was crazy good.

That cream cheese pie was sensational!! It really brought me back to my childhood!

Love these pies!

I told the owner on Friday that I wasn’t “a pie person” and WOW I must say she proved me wrong. The BEST pie I have ever had!!! I will be back

Your pear pie is delicious! We loved it! Gone in less than 24 hours!#zimmermanshaveasweettooth#lovegoodpie

Enjoying the coconut cream pie, so delicious.

Best Valentines Day surprise for my Husband!! WE Loved It!! Thank you!

That fudge has my heart. It’s so great.

The Apple was amazing!!! We consumed that in about 5 minutes flat. Thanks for everything! Can’t wait to try the chocolate after dinner!

Thank you so much for delivering a pie to my friend’s home Saturday evening. The pie received rave reviews and my friend commented on how pleasant the gentlemen was who delivered it. You’ve got a customer for life! Thank you!

Thank You for the Pear Pie. It’s delicious! We will definitely be ordering another some day!!

Thank you so much! My sister was impressed with your pie and how you incorporated her requested ingredients. Everyone raved about it and this morning the first thing Laura said after “good morning” and “nice party” was “that was the best pie I ever had!”

Sharon these pies are just amazingly delicious!! Oh honey mine can’t touch yours!! You have the touch!!

I ordered my coconut & apple pies online 5 days before I needed them. I received a confirmation text from Sharon that my pies would be ready for pick up at my requested time. Not only were they ready as scheduled but they were beautiful! I have to say they are the most delicious pies I have ever eaten. The crust is tender and flakey and the filling is so tasty. I live out of state but I will be a repeat customer. Central Arkansas is lucky to have such a talented pie chef.

We LOVED the pie. Thank you!

I received your chocolate fudge brownie pie today in the mail. It is the best pie I have ever had! It is truly made with the finest ingredients and made beautifully, artistically with love and expertise. I am stunned with how awesome and delicious this pie is!! I am telling everyone I know, and sending them all to your website to order your pies!!! It is so delicious and scrumptious!!!! I believe this is the best pie ever made and I thank you very very much, for hand-making this one for me and my friends. I want to quickly add that the crust and baking of these pies is totally out of this world. The Crust is more fine and flaky and delicious, than anything I have ever eaten from specialty bakeries. I am impressed, astounded, and I recommend HoneyPies to everyone for any season, reason and occasion! It is so rich and delicious! I am so happy that I have one of your pies. Thank You God for HoneyPies!!

Your quiche was OUTSTANDING!

This pie is amazing. Thank you again, Sharon.

Thank you it was absolutely amazing!!!! Diabetic dream and nightmare at the same time lol

It is soooooooooooooooooooo good!

January 2016 Reviews

January 22nd, 2016 – Rock City Eats, The 10 Best Pies In Little Rock

Why does Honey Pies get two slots on this list? …because they’re just that good. Sharon Woodson may be a newcomer to the Little Rock food scene, but she’s quickly earning a slot as one of this town’s most talented bakers. This brownie pie was the first thing I ever tasted from Honey Pies…and I’m still dreaming of that first bite. Contact Honey Pies and order a pie already.

January 19th, 2016 – The Mighty Rib, It’s Time to Check Out Honey Pies

For me, it’s the crust that separates Sharon’s pies from the competition, as was the case with her seasonal pear pie. I love pears, but rarely, if ever, have I eaten a pear pie. Sharon’s is loaded with the fruit and highlighted by a top layer of lightly sugared crust. Nothing about this pie is over-the-top, rather, the beauty is in its simplicity, relying on superior ingredients to elevate the taste.

January 6th, 2016 – The Mighty Rib, Random thoughts and ramblings on local food and drink

You really should be following local pie-maker Honey Pies when you get a free sec. I tried out one of Sharon’s pies at a holiday party and was blown away by her Gingerbread Apple. And this is coming from someone who tends to frown upon eating apple pies. I know…that’s a topic for another day. Anyways, go follow Honey Pies and please consider ordering a pie from Sharon.

Nan and I have nearly eaten a whole chocolate fudge pie by ourselves in under 48 hours. Absolutely wonderful!

Sharon, as I told you by phone, the chocolate fudge brownie pie was a 15 on a scale of 10, totally delicious. I will be back for more and look into your other pies. The “dance” was original and had me laughing long afterwards. I will tell my friends and co-workers about your business. You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful smile and personality which is great for your business. Keep up the good work and much success!

The brownie honey pie is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

It’s been a whirlwind of a week. And yes – that pie was as amazing as it looks. It’s from a place in Little Rock called Honey Pies. It’s the chocolate fudge brownie pie. I couldn’t grasp how this was going to taste based off its name. But after having a slice – the name fits it perfectly. If you’re in central Arkansas definitely give Honey Pies a shot. Soooo delicious and worth every single calorie.

OMG – this pie is delicious. Thank you so much.

Honey Pies always leaves me with this conundrum: should I be a good mom and share or bad mom and keep the pies to myself. So much tasty in a perfect handful size.

We ordered the quiche for an easy, pop-in-the-oven dinner tonight, and it was amazing!! It even had a bacon crust! So-so good! I love that I was able to serve a homemade dinner to my family without making it myself! Sometimes momma needs a break!!

The last 3 pies you sold us were delicious. Wish I knew we were going to make a new order soon. Best Pie in Town.

This is awesome pie @myhoneypies!

The most delicious chocolate fudge brownie pie compliments of @myhoneypies. #pie

Just got my special delivery from Honey Pies. Just when I thought the pear pie she makes was the best I could get, a coconut cream with flaky crust and a hint of graham cracker arrives. Forget about going home to eat it. Stop at a quick stop, get a plastic fork, pull over and eat it in the parking lot; life is good.

It’s amazing! And organic – so it means it’s healthy. Right?

I have had the pleasure of trying her Pear pie last trip to see them. I can say for sure it was one of the best pies I have ever had.

We have eaten more than half of the wonderful warm pear pie we got this afternoon. Apple pie next week. We will be regular customers.

Oh my! The Anjou Pear Pie from Honey Pies is phenomenal! The pears were cooked to perfection. The crust was delicious, not just normal delicious, but eat the whole crust delicious! No doubt, as their website states, their pies are made with love. Sharon was more than helpful in choosing a great pie and great tips on keeping it fresh. Thank you for your wonderful pie!

Sharon, the pie was awesome! Thank you so much!

The chocolate fudge brownie pie is amazing.

Had my first @myhoneypies today. It won’t be my last. #pies #pear #ThatCrust

The most delicious chocolate fudge brownie pie compliments of @myhoneypies #pie #nationalpieday #dessert

Had a pear pie delivered for national pie day. It was delicious! The pears were wonderful, and the crust so flakey & perfect!!

Looks fabulous! And thank you so much for the extra gingerbread cookies!

Pear. It was really good. Had a piece while warm. The crust is the star.

So far I’ve had the coconut cream, lemon cream, and the chocolate. I highly recommend the chocolate while it’s still warm (per Sharon’s suggestion). So. Freakin. Good. Specifically how crispy the top of the pie is in comparison to how gooey the middle is. And the PERFECT flakey, salty crust.

Arkansas folks… You absolutely HAVE to try Honey Pies!!!! A) I didn’t like pie before now. B) They’re honestly like crack… You want more immediately after you finish. And C) I highly recommend the chocolate fudge brownie!

Thanks for the GREAT pie!

What a great way to celebrate National Pie Day! Had a chocolatey, amazingly scrumptious pie delivered today. What a great surprise!!

YUM! I love her pies!!!

Best pie ever. Seriously, you should order one….or 12

The coconut cream pie is to die for!!!

The pie was amazing!!!! My husband literally said “if we weren’t together, I know who I’d be with”

Count me in for a pear, and maybe chocolate! Also so glad you put the coconut cream on the menu… It was great!

My Pear pie I came home with did not last very long. It was really good.

This pie is crazy good.

That pie was absolutely amazing. I mean it… thank you!

We loved the pear pie. It was still hot when we got home. You have a winner with the crust too. Wow we will be back.

I love pear pie!

The pies I picked up for Christmas were AMAZING!! They were gobbled up quickly! We had the chocolate fudge and the gingerbread apple. HAVE to try the pear this month…Pears are my daughter’s (Katie) FAV thing. These will be great closing gifts for my customers. Thanks so much Sharon!

Ordered another pie from Honey Pies recently. This time it was the Gingerbread Apple Pie. First time I’ve ever had that before. I enjoyed it. Check out what Honey Pies is all about.

That apple pie was OUTSTANDING!!

December 2015 Reviews

December 30th, 2015 – Rock City Eats, Best Deserts in 2015

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pie from Honey Pies – One of the relative newcomers to the Little Rock sweets scene…but Sharon’s pies are already winning over a number of fans in this city. We can’t get enough of her perfectly done chocolate brownie pie. For starters, her crust is unreal. Soft, flakey, and buttery. Hard to imagine pie crust being any better. Then there’s the filling of rich, dark, velvety chocolate cream. It’s pie perfection.

They are so delicious!!! Thanks!!! I’ll definitely be ordering again!

Honey Pies are the Best!!

I enjoyed those Honey Pies at Nell’s baby shower last month!

You need this in your life.

This pie is sooooooooooooooooooo good!

This pie isn’t just cute, it’s delicious.

Sharon, thank you so much! Your pie is incredible!

Your pies were amazing.

We tasted the Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pie tonight, and it is AMAZING!

It is soooooo good. Thank you so much!

November 2015 Reviews

Every morsel was so delicious, and we were thrilled that the owner of Honey Pies, Sharon, made a bunch of crustless mini pies for us.

Yes the pies were great as always.

We loved our sugar crisp pie so much that we would love another for Thanksgiving.

Easily the best pie I have ever tasted! Hands down. Would definitely order from Honey Pies again!

Thanks so very much for the amazing pies! They were a big hit!!

Just had your chocolate fudge pie, and it was the best pie I’ve ever had. Delicious chocolate and the crust…oh, the crust…was so flaky and divine!!!

Cutest mini pies you’ve ever seen or tasted!

Crust is some of the best I’ve ever had!

Loved the pies!! Mini pies are perfect for a special treat!! Crust is perfect! Yummy!

Had the most amazing sugar crisp apple pie tonight! It was delivered to my door this morning and traveled beautifully to Oklahoma. We can’t wait to have it again and try Honey Pies other pies.

I finally got to try your pies. I met you again at the Park Hill event. Girl, you’ve got it going on! I tried all 3 pies. I have to be honest, I don’t care for pecan, but that’s just me. My gf loved the pecan. I just don’t like nuts, like I said, it was just me. The Apple was good, but when I tried the chocolate brownie…, just call the paramedics in…, I’m down. It was amazing. Thank you for doing what you do. I can’t wait for you to do some cherry or peach. Cherry pie has been a life long favorite of mine. But I’m picky. I’ve seen them with those dark almost purple cherries…NO! I like the bright red cherry that’s tart & sweet at the same time. Anyway, I love your pies!!! I can’t wait for the next opportunity.

Pie was awesome!

I just had an apple pie delivered to me and it was amazing!!! The apples were so fresh and crisp. I also love that they are locally grown.

October 2015 Reviews

October 21st, 2015 – Daniel Walker, Senior Writer for Rock City Eats

Recently, I contacted Sharon and placed an order for a chocolate fudge brownie pie…and before too long, she was on my door step delivering my dangerously delightful pie. And listen here folks, I don’t mean to set expectations too high, but that was probably the best chocolate pie I’ve ever eaten…or at least, I can’t remember ever eating anything better than Honey Pies’ version. The filling was warm and gooey, with a slightly crispy top. The crust was phenomenal…buttery, flakey and tender. This pie did not last long in our home, I assure you.

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness obviously never had one of these. Make it your mission to track down Honey Pies of Little Rock and taste her delicious creations!!

My chocolate brownie pie is double dog yummy!!!! Thank you!!!


You’re baking is too delicious!

Best pies!

Just had the chocolate fudge brownie mini pie and I’m blown away. What a delicious treat. I will ordering more soon. Try out Honey Pie you won’t be disappointed.

You’re doing such a good job!

So tasty, I’m glad I stopped by and got some pie.


Thank you for sharing your delicious Honey Pecan pie with us. It was delicious!

Just the way grandma used to make them.

Loved this apple pie. Crust was to die for! Please support this business.

Excellent apple pie! I can’t wait to try everything else. Sharon is a true sweetheart.

My friends ate some of your last pie and they think you are just Gourmet !!!

Better than mom’s apple pie!

Sharon, your pies were heavenly! My favorite was the pecan!!!

We were going to see some family and wanted to take something special with us. We got your chocolate fudge brownie pie. It was a real hit. It was sooo good. Granny made several comments about the crust being homemade and really liking it. Thank you so much.

September 2015 Reviews

Had a chocolate brownie honey pie today and it was delicious. It just hit the spot. All I needed was a big glass of milk to go with it!

And they were delicious I have never ever eaten pecan pie EVER and Rick convinced me to try a bite. I have to say I cannot wait to eat my apple pie tonight.

The pecan pie was amazing even though I only got one bite before my wife stole it. Flaky crust and perfect texture! 5 stars!

Awesome pie!!! I lied, I can’t eat half that pie in one sitting!

These are some of the best pies I have ever had the privilege of eating. Honey Pies is the solution for anyone needing a great pie without having to make it yourself. Everything is so fresh and tastes delicious. I will certainly be getting more pies from Honey Pies!

Awesome best pies out there, you must try them!!!!!!!

Wonderful woman & some great baked goods. Take all my money!

Best pies you can dream of.