Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pie


One of the things we love most about baking in the kitchen for you, it that it feels like our home. You know how grandma always had a “pancake bowl” or “cornbread pan” and everyone in the family knows exactly what you’re talking about. Pastry Chef Extraordinaire, Olivia, puts extra love into this filling by using her special “fudge brownie pot”; its sole purpose in life is to melt that delicious semi-sweet chocolate and butter for the base of your Honey Pies favorite. $27

Made by hand and baked with love right here in Little Rock

sugar, butter, chocolate, eggs, vanilla, milk, flour
flour, butter, sugar, salt
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None, Fresh Whipped Cream +$4.95, Vanilla Ice Cream +$7.95, Ship my pie +$15

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